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Awesome Podcasts for Moms (and Dads)

They’re good for grandparents too, and aunts/uncles, nannies, friends of people with kids, basically they’re good for anyone who doesn’t hate kids. Or maybe it’s for them too, I don’t know their business.

In my previous gig, I looked at chromosomes, a lot. This meant I spent hours a day at the microscope or staring at a computer screen with images captured from a microscope. For all the nerds out there, yes I know there are different types of microscopes but karyotyping requires a simple light microscope. CLASSIC.

All of this to say, I would have gone insane had it not been for my little friend, the podcast (I’m also a big fan of audiobooks and music streaming.) I was borderline OBSESSED with podcasts. Comedy, true crime, pop culture, politics, give me all the good, good podcasts.

Today is a teensy bit different, in that I have all of zero free times available. However, I still love a good podcast, I just have to be a little more discerning about which ones I get to listen to.

That brings me to this list. These are my top parenting podcasts.

The Longest Shortest Time

I’ve been listening to The Longest Shortest Time since before I was pregnant with my daughter. It covers a large variety of parenting topics, intentionally trying to seek out diverse voices. There are trials and tribulations (as always in parenting) but there is so much joy and humor too. It’s one of the most insightful parenting podcasts out there. Hillary Frank has passed on the hosting responsibilities to Andrea Silenzi, but Frank is still very much present as Executive Producer. Some pretty ingenious ideas from the show include Mom Friend Speed Dating and Spark Cards.

One Bad Mother

If you have not discovered the treasure trove of podcast gold that is Maximum Fun, you are truly missing out. One Bad Mother hosts Biz and Theresa put it ALL out there. There is no judgment and no censorship (my kind of ladies.) They humorously embody the concept that we are all doing a good job, even when it doesn’t feel that way. Each episode features their own parenting geniuses and failures (you know, for balance.) It’s funny and relatable and real. You can call their working line at 206-350-9485 and leave your own genius, fail or rant. I’ve utilized this on more than one occasion, crying from inside a bathroom. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.

The One in a Million Baby

A New Zeland mom started a blog, had a baby and shortly after birth discovered her child was going to have profound special needs. The blog follows her inspiring journey through motherhood and into activism. The accompanying podcast is an intense, emotional journey acknowledging the experiences of parents whose children have varying degrees of special needs. As someone who has worked behind the scenes on the medical side of some very rare conditions, these episodes reveal the whole picture of these families and their unrelenting love for their children. While the podcast is no longer in production, it is still VERY much worth a listen.

Parents on Demand

This extensive collection of podcasts run the gambit of parenting niches. Podcasts on Fertility, Adoption, New Parents, Parents of Multiples, Single Moms, in addition to general parenting advice. My personal favorites include the Boob Group, the Modern Mom Society, and Parent Savers.

RadioLab Presents: Gonads

While not a parenting podcast, RadioLab looks at lots of scientific “stuff”.  This specific collection of episodes is all about reproduction, since, you know, Gonads. Coming from a prenatal genetics background, I listened to them all in very quick order. Misconceptions is also linked in and includes interesting episodes all about fertility and (you guessed it) reproduction.

I am always up for a good podcast recommendation. If you have a podcast specific to parenting, at least sort of, comment below.


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