Child building with Legos

What is STEM and Why is it Important?

Featured photo by Kelly Sikkema It seems likely that many parents with young-ish children have heard of STEM by now. The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The United State has an ever increasing demand for people trained in STEM fields, making education more important now than ever. STEM education STEM education is …

Mug and glasses with tissues strewn about

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Sickness: Cold and Flu Season

Feature photo by Kelly Sikkema EEEEverywhere you go. Season’s Greetings everyone. By season, I mean cold and flu season of course. And by greetings, I mean I hope a plague of disease does not descend upon your house. School is back in session, there’s a crisp feeling in the air, and the viruses are starting to …

pregnant belly

Non-invasive Prenatal Screening: How it Works and Why it Matters

I figure if I’m going to offer up some sciencey stuff related to parenting, the best place to start is part of my professional background: prenatal genetics. I will caution that if you are going to have ANY genetic testing performed (NIPS, carrier screening, karyotype, etc.) you should consult a genetic counselor. They are awesome …

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Awesome Podcasts for Moms (and Dads)

They’re good for grandparents too, and aunts/uncles, nannies, friends of people with kids, basically they’re good for anyone who doesn’t hate kids. Or maybe it’s for them too, I don’t know their business. In my previous gig, I looked at chromosomes, a lot. This meant I spent hours a day at the microscope or staring …